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Now you can enjoy driving in London

A club which takes all the stress out of owning a car in London

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Membership Benefits

Baywatch Service

Complete Car Care

Private Driver Services

Clamp or Tow-Away Rescue

Accident Management

And much more!

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Baywatch Service

Whilst you are away we'll stop your car from being towed.

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Incident Response

365 days a year if you are unlucky enough to have your car clamped or towed, an accident or a flat battery.


We’ll look after your car whilst you are away, never return to a flat battery or towed car again.

Total Car Care

We take care of MOT’s, Refuelling, Services, Valeting, Tyre repair so you don’t have to.

Online Vehicle Diary

Your private car diary can record all the repairs and services etc. So what was done and when and how much and by whom will save you all the hassle of digging through your files to find bills etc  ALL YOUR CAR INFO ONLINE AND IN ONE PLACE.

Vehicle Documents

Never again wait in a queue! We will handle all Permits, Licences and Documents for you.

Car Sourcing

From a Mini to a Rolls Royce we’ll find you your dream car without all the hassle.

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Serving London’s businesses since 1987

Our unique range of services takes all the stress out of owning and running a fleet of cars in London.


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airport run

Airport Runs

Your car our driver. Take the stress and cost of parking and collecting your car at London airports. We’ll drive you and pick you up in your own vehicle and return your car home.


Manage your Company Cars

By being a member of The London Motoring Club we’ll avoid a Company disaster by remembering MOTs, Parking Permits, Road Tax Congestion Charge Payoff and insurance for you.

tow away

Time is Money

Owning a car in London can be stressful at the best of times. By joining our club we’ll deal with the stress for you, leaving you free to enjoy that extra cup of coffee.

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