We’ll keep an eye on your car when you’re away

  • Driving past your parking bay on a daily basis
  • Moving your car to another bay if yours is taken out of service
  • Unlimited access, for your nominated vehicle, included in your membership fee

If you go away on holiday – and leave your car on a residents’ parking bay – you run the risk of that bay being taken out of service. And it can take the shine off your holiday to come back and find you’ve been clamped or towed away.

Councils are legally obliged to give a minimum of three days notice before suspending a bay – but in emergencies, this can be reduced to 24 hours.

So call us before you go, give us your holiday dates and we’ll drive past your car every day – pausing to remove any leaflets that have been stuck to your windscreen. If your bay is taken out of service, we’ll use the spare key we hold to start it up and drive it to another.

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