Club Cars


London Motoring Club Cars

Providing you with our top the range Mercedes S class and smart driver.

Whether it’s yourself, business colleagues or family, your personal chauffeur will drive them in the club car to their destinations taking the stress out of driving.


LMC 222



Support vehicle for all those emergencies; Flat battery/bulb replacement/bird strike/ mobile diagnostics and errand running.

Chauffeur Hire

Your personal chauffeur may be hired on a day or half day basis.

Having the convenience of a driver at your disposal using your own vehicle can certainly ease your business day and help with any family commitments.

Occasionally us time-strapped Londoners could do with a personal chauffeur for movement between meetings, picking up clients or on a private level easing the stress of shopping expeditions or running errands.

Our team of smart dedicated professional drivers will not disappoint. They are fully insured to drive any of your vehicles.

0800 077 8767

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