Isn’t it typical, like many of us I converted to diesel being told of economy and emission benefits, and let me tell you I am impressed with the power and performance of diesel engines, but now we are told of dangerous gases and carcinogenic particulate matter (PM) that are spewed out into the atmosphere from such engines.
The TFL are already busy conducting studies and are set to introduce a congestion charge (there answer to everything) for the owners who choose to drive in central London with their pre 2014 diesel engine cars and vans, this will cause much consternation with all the private owners and companies that run commercial fleets etc.
No doubt a glut of diesel engine vehicles will be going cheap in the not too distant future.
It’s quite difficult to know what to do next, there is something about electric cars that just does not seem right.
Maybe my age is prejudicing the new technology, so it looks like a flight back to petrol engines or hybrids.
Pure electric is still not there, unless you can afford the revered Tesla, but even this has its draw backs as it needs special charging posts, that are not yet readily available on every corner.
If you wish to sell your diesel vehicles before the prices start to plummet give me a call.