Euro drivers


Fly light and enjoy your car abroad; we’ll drive it there and back

  • Picking up your car, with all your holiday luggage
  • Driving it out to your holiday destination, for you to use whilst you’re away
  • Coming out and driving it back home, with all your holiday shopping
  • We can even take your pets (subject to rules and regulations)

Airline seats have never been cheaper. Baggage charges and holiday car hire have never been more expensive. But now, you can take advantage of one while avoiding the other, with LMC Eurodrivers.

Eurodrivers is a new service for LMC Members which has been added in response to member requests.

Before you fly off on holiday, one of our drivers will pick up your car from your front door and drive it down to your holiday home. Meanwhile, you and your family can fly down as usual – with only cabin baggage – knowing that your car will safely arrive at your destination. Your driver will help you unpack your baggage – then leave you to enjoy the comfort and convenience of your own car on holiday.

Your driver will be chosen from the LMC Team. He’ll have a clean licence and at least 10 years’ professional experience, including Continental roads. And your destination can be anywhere in Europe and the EC. We cover every country from Portugal to Poland.

How much will it cost?

We will quote a price for your holiday destination which includes our driver’s time (£200+ VAT per day) including comprehensive insurance, meaning you don’t have to add our driver to your policy. Tolls, fuel costs and overnight accommodation will be added on top of this; a full account plus receipts will be provided.

As a rough guide, a trip from London to Tuscany would cost a total of £550 each way. Compare this with car hire plus baggage charges for a family of four – and it starts to make excellent financial sense. Plus of course, you’ll be able to do as much holiday shopping as you like.

So if you’re planning to go away, why not email us for a quote today. Simply fill in the details in the fields below and click ‘Send’. We’ll get back to you in 24 hours.

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