At the London Motoring Club we understand that sometimes you need an answer quickly. For this reason we’ve placed some of the questions we get asked most frequently into one handy page with the hope that a question here helps you solve a query you may have regarding our wonderful club.

Are you insured to drive my car?

All our drivers are fully insured to drive any of our members vehicles. The policy document is available on request.

How much notice do you need for an airport run?

Normally we need  24 hours minimum, but we can always try to help in an emergency

Can I be sure that no one will use my car while I'm away?

Absolutely, as we make a note of the mileage and post it to your online car diary.

Do you have insurance for the spare keys you hold?

Yes all keys held are fully insured against damage and loss

Do you charge any waiting time for airport runs?

Definitely not the price quoted is the price you pay, if the plane is late its our hard luck