Key care


Can’t find your car keys? All is not lost

  • Biking a spare set of keys over to you
  • Returning lost keys if they are returned to us
  • Unlimited access, for your nominated vehicle, included in your membership fee

Car keys always seem to go missing at the most inconvenient times – like when you’ve a long drive or a tight schedule ahead of you. At the London Motoring Club, we hold spare sets of all our members’ keys. We need them to carry out many of our services and they are fully insured while in our possession. So if you ever lose your main set of keys, just call us and we’ll bike the spare set round to you ASAP.

When you join LMC, you’ll also find that we give you a personalised key fob with our name and contact details plus your unique membership number. Use them for all your sets of keys – and there’s a good chance that anyone who finds them will return them to us, for us to return to you. This happens at least four times a year – which is good news for people who keep their house keys with their car keys.


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