Tow away rescue


We can’t stop it happening. But we can stop it wasting your time.

  • Collecting your car from the vehicle pound
  • Drive it back safely to a location of your choice
  • Unlimited access for your nominated vehicle


It’s every motorist’s nightmare. You come back to find your car missing – and the time you waste freeing or retrieving it could cost you more than the fine. So call LMC and we’ll swing into action. We’ll arrange to pick up the keys as soon as possible. We’ll arrange payment of the fines and fees. We’ll even go and pick your car up from the pound, then we’ll drive it back home to you.


 You can call on this service as often as you like throughout the year; it’s included in your membership. However, we will need to charge a £25 call-out fee and ask you to reimburse us for any fines we pay.



0800 077 8767

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